Internal Investigations Division — Information

File a complaint regarding any of our staff team here. Our Internal Affairs department will be sure to handle it and keep you updated.

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Internal Investigations Division — Information

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All complaints are reviewed by IID before being assigned for investigation. Depending on the misconduct alleged, personnel complaints may be investigated by IID investigators or at the departmental level. Do note that complaints in which the alleged situation occurred 28 days ago or later may be disregarded without notice.
Your complaint will be investigated by a trained supervisor from the Internal Investigations Team. The investigation may include interviews of witnesses and other employees

The amount of time they take depends on a number of factors and generally varies from several months to about a year. Once the process has been completed, you will be notified of the outcome in writing if you have provided your mailing address. Please note that the complainant may not be informed of the disciplinary action taken against the reported employee(s) in case of sustained complaints.

(( The Internal Affairs Group aims to finalize all complaints within a reasonable timeframe. The duration varies greatly but usually should not take more than 1 day - 2 weeks. ))

The Internal Investigations Division thoroughly investigates all forwarded complaints and reviews all evidence pertaining to the incident. Upon investigation conclusion, the investigation will be forwarded to one of the Company Directors.

(( It is advised that prior to sending an out of character complaint, should you feel that server rules have been broken by a faction member that they should be reported via the Los Santos Roleplay Report a Player forum section. ))